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Last Updated December 01, 2016
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Winter 2016 cover

Dear Reader,

We are very excited to bring you the special Drinks Issue of Edible Rhody this winter season! The Drinks Issue is our 40th edition of Edible Rhody, so maybe it was my subconscious that made me decide it was time for us to share a drink—a proverbial toast to such a milestone. Forty editions and we still have so much in our small state to explore and to share with you about our local food community, the Rhode Island drink and beverage crafters definitely included.

The Drinks edition highlights Rhode Island’s beverage tastemakers, including the individuals gathered on our cover who epitomize all those in our state whose livelihoods center on producing quality liquid comestibles—including beer, wine, soda, tea, whiskey, mixed cocktails, fresh juices and, of course, coffee.

On the cover you’ll see each brought a tool of their trade or the foodstuffs they need to create such a variety of beverages—a nod to what’s also behind every sip you take. A beer brewer needs a paddle to stir the mash, a distiller needs barrels for fermenting and a vintner needs good grapes to make great wine.

You’ll learn about the work that goes into producing quality beverages in the Ocean State, from a DIY home vintner to the other end of the spectrum where two entrepreneurs are about to transform the world of craft beer in New England. We take a closer look at the new craft beer and distillery law that is already having a positive impact on our craft beer scene, as well as on our growing food tourism industry.

In an expanded version of our regular cocktail column, Here’s How!, you’ll not only learn from some of Rhode Island’s most savvy mixologists what makes a great classic cocktail, but also glean tips and recipes for the home bartender as well. And the Edible Landscape column will show you how to trick out your own cocktail pantry.

No issue of Edible Rhody would be complete if we didn’t head down to the farm, so this time we visit with a hard-pressed cider operator who recently added homemade cider donuts—Li’l Rhody’s favorite hole food—to the menu.

We’ve still got recipes for your winter table and much more for you to explore this winter season. Publisher John Schenck and I raise a glass to you, our readers, and to our hardworking contributors and our supporting advertisers for a joyous season and a bountiful New Year.


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North by NW
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Attitude Adjustment

Attitude Adjustment
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